Lumps in breast disappeared – Ruth

  1. Peyar: Vasumathi Ruth 
  2. Vayathu: 45 
  3. Idam: Ipoh, Perak. 
  4. Yethir Nokkia Viyaathi?
    Maarbaga Katti 
  5. Yethanai kalamai intha viyaathi irunthathu & Aavikuriya Poraattam Yenna?
    Yenakku intha maarbaga katti irupathai arintha poluthu naan migavum manam udainthu ponen. Kaaranam yen kanavarum velaikku sella mudiyathu irukkum intha nilaiyil, naanum viyaathi pattaal yen kudumbatthai yaar kavanippathu endru naan kalanginen. 
  6. Jebam Seiya Patta Vitham?
    Yenakku tholai pesi mulamaaga jebam seiya pattathu. Sis. Shanthi, katti irukkum idathil yennai kaivaikka solli, Yesu Kristhuvin Naamathinaal antha katti karaiyum padiyaaga thirumba thirumba kattalai ittu athigaarathudan jebithaargal. Yesu Kristuvin Naamathinaal, sathaanukku yen mel athigaaram illai athanaal yennai vittu veliyerumpadi kattalai ittaargal.
  7. Jebam Seitha Poluthu Nadanthathu Yenna?
    Jebithu kondirukkum poluthe antha katti konjam konjamaaga karaya aarambithathu. Oru mani nerathirkul katti mulumaiyaaga karainthu iruhtha idam theriyaamal kaana poivittathu.


  8. Mattravargalukku Naan Solla Virumbuvathu:
    Namakku sugam alikkum valla Thevan Yesu Christhu nammodu irukkiraar Avarai vittu vilagi pogathirunggal.
  1. Name: Vasumathi Ruth 
  2. Age: 45 years old 
  3. Location: Ipoh, Perak 
  4. What was your issue (sickness/illness/diseases)?
    Lump in the breast 
  5. How long were you not well & what was the spiritual issue you were facing at that point?
    I was broken hearted and concern when I found out that I have this lump and that I am sick. My husband is not working and there is nobody else to take care of her family besides me. 
  6. How was the prayer done?
    The prayer was done through the phone. Sis Shanti asked me to place my hand on the lump as she commanded the lump to shrink and leave in Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s name repeatedly. She commanded satan to get out in Jesus’ name as he has no authority to be on my body. 
  7. What happened after you were prayed upon?
    Throughout the prayer, the lump was shrinking and after praying for about an hour the lump completely disappeared in the name of Jesus Christ. 
  8. Message to other listeners:
    Do not go away from Jesus and Jesus who is able to heal is with us.
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