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This is a very very IMPORTANT scripture, it is critical for us to have a great life in CHRIST JESUS. Your soul must know this very well.

What must your soul know?

That you are fearfully and wonderfully made and marvellous are JESUS CHRIST works. The works of JESUS CHRIST are marvellous and the soul must know this very well.
Your soul, which is your heart and mind must know this very well, so how to make them know this very well. So how to make them very well to know this? To keep on talking to them about the works of JESUS CHRIST, about the promises of JESUS CHRIST,
about the words of JESUS CHRIST.

And then be a DOER.

So you must meditate on the lives of people, you meditate on how you are going to
deal with the people, you meditate on how you are going to tell the gospel to this people, you meditate on the list of people JESUS has given you.

You would have put a list. As you are going through the list and say how about this soul, how do l contact them,

How do I move them, how do I see them, how do l bring the peace of JESUS CHRIST to them?

In the first place, I have a great life, I have eternity, I have co-rulership in JESUS name. I will tell my heart….. heart of Christie Lourdes, you know you have a great life in JESUS CHRIST, you know that JESUS CHRIST suffered like that to give you a great life, his works are marvellous, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, therefore you get up and do this. Heart of Christie Lourdes, soul of Christie Lourdes, you must know this very well.

You start looking at the souls that JESUS CHRIST has given you to do. You will be a fisher of men and not everyday lazing around and doing earthly things, only worldly things, only l and my family, my income. No! Look at that, there is a secret, look at what JESUS gives you.

Everything else JESUS settles. Everything else JESUS gives you…..a great health, great income, everything that is needed He gives. But you are supposed to look at the souls that you have become a fisher of men. Are you looking at the other souls or are you waking up everyday and looking at your issues, your problem, your family only?

Yes, we have to look at our problem or the problems that you are facing, we have to look at the needs of our people in our congregation. I have to look at the needs of the people in my household. Yes I have to look at all that and settle. Shanti has to do that, on what is needed.

But each soul, each soul must know that you have been called to be a servant of the Most High God. You are a Disciple of JESUS CHRIST. Does your soul know that or only you know it in your head? And if your soul knows, are you doing it… this is the secret.

You start looking at what JESUS wants you to look at, you start making your soul understand very well, your soul must know very well that you are fearfully and wonderfully made and marvellous are JESUS works, marvellous are His works, amen!

Practice this, talk to your soul, talk to your heart, talk to your mind the words of God repeatedly, play the words of JESUS CHRIST regularly on and on and start talking to your children, start talking to your wife, start talking to your husband, start talking to your neighbours, start talking to anyone you come in contact with, start thinking of the list, the list of all the people you know.

JESUS will hold us accountable if the souls that we know and we didn’t tell them about the goodness of JESUS CHRIST, HE will hold us accountable.

Yes, I have myself failed many times on this, then we will get up and go and do.
Start putting a list, start looking at the issues, how to bring the souls to CHRIST, how to bring JESUS to the souls, how to know all the mysteries that you know, how to send to them.

If you want to have a great life, this is it. Thank JESUS CHRIST, amen. Do this, the soul doesn’t know very well, you are not going to get the benefit. The wonderful works of  JESUS CHRIST and the promises of JESUS CHRIST and your soul doesn’t know that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. The soul will block your healing, the soul will block your benefit, the soul will block the promises to come in and manifest, your own soul will block the blessings because he doesn’t know very well, he doesn’t believe.

So do this, make the soul understand and make the soul know this very well, and make the soul know every word of God and the promises of God very well. Amen!

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