Need Prayers For Healing?

Everything we do is in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Please remember this. Even when the Name of Jesus Christ is not mentioned audibly in some sentences, it IS in the Name of Jesus Christ that we do this.

Any healings you have experienced from the prayers is not because of us. It is all attributed to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Only you can decide whether a tumor has shrunk.

 Biblical healing facts:  

  1. Examine inline with God’s Word, What we sow we reap etc
  2. Receive counsel and willing to submit to Godly counsel
  3. Prayers


  • Must want to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and that He suffered and died on the cross for you
  • We are willing to minister – any spiritual issues and bodily health – however our prayer focus is on tumors in women/

 What You Need To Do Daily 

  • Listen to the the Overcomers Audio here
  • Read aloud and pray the Prayers here

 Request for Prayers 

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