Story of Christie Lourdes

The real struggle began in mid-1994, when my younger sister, Rose, had just died of cancer.

This was an extreme blow for my emotions.  Because it was Rose who had stepped in the place of my mom and took care of us when some 25 years earlier, my mother, had died of cancer.

By 1994, I was ‘considered’ a successful business-person having carved a name for myself in Risk Management, but was completely confused and shattered as to why cancer could not be overcome by medical science.

Sadly, even before 1994, whilst I was successful, I  was becoming very addicted to booze and was  literally drunk everyday.

In the passage of time I became violent and was in the bars daily. I would just physically hammer anyone whom ‘I thought’ was irritating.

Every sentence that I spoke was littered with 4 letter words, which would have made sailors blush.

When I come home, my four children (three girls and a boy) will be so petrified of me that they would run and hide.

I was contemplating suicide on a number of occasions.  My wife, Luisa, was faithfully trying to keep the family together but without my  support as the head of the house; my family was in a total mess.

Whilst I was being a drunkard, I was also being unfaithful to my wife.  I justified everything and did not feel any remorse.

I was by then a very angry man not understanding what my purpose of living was.  All I knew is, people are born, and then people die.

Then in mid 1995, I was taken seriously ill and was going in and out of coma.  In the hospital, in the critical care unit, I was  told that I had a huge hole in the liver, which was filled with pus and other septic fluid.

The pressure from that pus buildup was pushing at the surface of the liver that was touching the diaphragm below the lungs.  And this in turn had caused water effusion in the lung and the right lung was being filled with water.

I was breathing but no oxygen was going into the blood stream, as the right lung was full of water.  Literally I was drowning while still breathing.

I told the doctors that as I was a drinker, it surely must be something to do with the booze addiction and to attend to that.

After a series of tests they were unable to identify the cause.  But they concluded it was NOT due to liquor.

After sending specimen extracts from the liver to various labs, they were still unable to identify what the cause was.  By this time I was slipping in and out of coma on a very regular basis.

As the critical care unit was in an open ward with other patients, I was witnessing at least one fellow patient die everyday.  Ironically, they all died at night.

In the mean time, I told Luisa not to inform people, other then a handful of my friends among whom was a Director of the Social Security.  He was informed because he knew the medical board people of the hospital and he would be able to get extra help.

In the mean while, after a few weeks of being in the hospital, I had been reduced to a skeleton of a man and completely bedridden.

I went home, preparing to die, as they could not do anything else  because they did not know the cause.  Daily however, they had been puncturing my back to suck out some of the water from my lungs.  Sometimes new nurses would also accidentally jab the rib, which caused the entire body to jerk.

I had a tube planted out of the liver using ultrasound techniques in the hope that the pus would slowly drain out.

The surgeons could not operate because they were concerned that as the cavity was pushing against the surface of the liver, any incision would cause the filth from the cavity to flow into the blood stream and I was in danger of dying from septicemia.

So I went home, preparing to die.

I told my children, “I do not know what is on the other side, but once I get  there, and if I am able to come back, I will tell you so”. That was how ignorant I was.

In the main time this Director of Social Security who had some experience of the occult, concluded and told Luisa that I was being killed of by occultic forces.

He told Luisa to take me to a shaman (bomoh, witch doctor or occult practitioner, call it what you may).

Luisa knew that I never believed in spirits or the occult.  In fact if anyone tells me there is some demonic forces, my quick answer had always been “what demonic forces?What satan?  I am Lucifer, come and deal with me”.  And the person would have probably gotten a blow in addition to all that.

In any event since I had no where to go as the medical science could not heal me, my father and Luisa took me in a van to this shaman (bomoh) at 4:30 am (before dawn).

Surprise, surprise! This shaman’s (bomoh’s) assistant  was giving out waiting numbers just as in the hospital or any other service center, and my number was 42.

Imagine that!  There were 41 others waiting all through the night to see this shaman (bomoh).  Certainly a roaring business for him.

When my turn came and I was practically carried there into his office, he told Luisa to go and bring earth from the garden of my house.  He mumbled something into the earth and right before my eyes I saw, what appeared to me, some metal pieces with human hair.

He said, “Yes! You have been under demonic attacks.  There are persons  who have been sending demons on you”. And when he mumbled again something into the metal pieces (which then disappeared), a strange thing happened.

I could take a deep breath and feel the oxygen sinking into my blood stream.

It was a feeling that only those who had lungs clogged up with water and then healed would only know.  I could take a full breath, I inhaled and exhaled. It was wonderful.  I could walk in my own strength now.

He had also sold me a chain with an amulet at the end of it.  This was protection for the future attacks.  When I hold the chain and command it to move clockwise or anti clockwise, to and fro, that chain would immediately obey.  If I told it to  ‘go fast’  it would swirl like the rotor blades of a helicopter.

That evening I was back in the bars showing off my new found strength and protection to my friends.  But a few weeks later, I was under demonic attack again and the chain could not protect me.

The chain simply stood still.

The occult explanation was that, that these persons had recruited bigger and more powerful demons to be sent and the spirit (I later understood that this ‘spirit’ was also a demon) that was protecting me was not powerful enough.

Whenever the attacks came, I would go back to the shaman (bomoh). People would ask me to go to the hospital and I would say, “No. My hospital is with the shaman”(bomoh).

One evening I was under such a severe attack.  There was total pain in the liver and the lungs and I had difficulty breathing and I was suffocating.  I knew I was going to die.

A friend took me to a church.

As I had hardly any strength, the van was brought very near the steps of the church, and I literally crawled into the first seat at the entrance.

As I was sitting there, struggling to breathe, I softly said this, “I have been told that You are Jesus and You are the Son of God and You are God. If You are God, please let me breathe (ironically, I have repeatedly blasphemed Jesus in the past).

Please stop this attack”.

Immediately and miraculously, I could breath deep again.  I turned around, gave a sharp salute to Jesus said, “Thank You” and went back to the bar.

A couple of weeks later, again a severe attack.

This time around, I decided to consult an old friend of mine who was the Deputy Director General in the Ministry of Labor (Labor Department), Peter. Over the years, Peter and I, used to meet for lunch regularly.

He was a follower of Jesus Christ and I nicknamed him “Assistant God”.  I used to say , “Hey! Assistant God, let’s have lunch.” Throughout lunch I would be drinking and my language would be foul.

At the end of lunch he would normally say, “One of these day Chris, Jesus will get you”.

When Peter came for lunch this time, he simply said, “This is very simple. Jesus will settle this for you once and for all.  However, there is one condition. You must forgivethese persons who is using the demonic forces to attack you”.

I laughed and told Peter, “Then there is no deal”.

My fear was, that these persons, even knowing I was violent, was still using demons on me.  What would now happen if they realize that I have forgiven them?.  They may send a million demons to finish me and my family off.So I am back in the bar / pub again.  But for the next three days and nights, while I was on a drinking binge (I could feel my blood being poisoned by liquor), all I could hear in the recesses of my mind was, “Go to Jesus. Go to Jesus.  Go to Jesus.”  On and on and on.

So three days later I called Peter and told him “I am now willing”.

He arranged for a Pastor to minister to me.  The pastor told me to tell a prayer.  The prayer was something like this, “Lord Jesus, I am a sinner.  Please forgive me and I forgive everyone who has hurt me”.

I refused to tell the prayer.

I told the pastor, “Jesus is God and now I do not want to lie to him by saying that I forgive these people when deep in my heart I am full of hatred for these people, who has done so much damage to me.”

The pastor then told me to speak to Jesus directly.

So I lifted my hands up towards the ceiling, closed my eyes and said, “Jesus, I know you are God.  I know I am a sinner.  Forgive me.  I want to forgive these people and everyone who have hurt me.  I am willing to forgive these people.  I will even say from my mind and my mouth ‘I forgive them’ but I am unable to forgive in my heart.  There is so much anger, bitterness and hatred for these people.  So help me Lord Jesus.”

My body started shaking uncontrollably and my feet were actually lifted from the floor.  The pastor would say, “Raise your hands and praise the Lord”.

When I raised my hands and said “Thank you Jesus” my feet would be lifted from the floor so I would immediately put them down again and my feet would touch the floor again.

This phenomena would take place again and again.

After about 45 minutes, I was finally lying on the floor fully awake and alert. Completely healed.

Subsequently a medical ultrasound check could not even detect the scarring of the tissues of the liver where the hole was.

Deep inside me there was a release, a sense of freedom and I knew that
the God who created the heavens and the earth, had touched my soul.

A certain peace came over me.  I wasn’t angry anymore.  The need for booze left.  The next day someone mentioned that I was not using foul language anymore.

My life began to turn around.

This Jesus loved me and forgave me, although I had blasphemed Him.

Jesus has the power to heal
And the grace to forgive

Christie Lourdes
Follower of Jesus Christ

Story of Luisa Christie, wife of Christie Lourdes


Joint heir with Christie to the grace of life. (1 PETER 3:7). Now serving the Lord. Prior to this was Office Manager of an International Engineering Firm.

Before sharing my testimony I must emphasize that when I stood before GOD ALMIGHTY, HE never addressed any of the sins that my husband had committed not a single one.

HE was solely dealing with ME AND MY SINS. HE gave me a vision of a whiteboard with every sin I had committed. I couldn’t help crying when I realised how much I HAD SINNED AGAINST HIM.

And though I had said the sinner’s prayer HE told me very clearly, almost like a voice in my spirit saying ‘you have not forgiven her’, which meant I had not forgiven the lady my husband was involved with.

I immediately told GOD, I will see her after the service and talk to her. When the service ended we were both walking towards each other and we hugged and she asked me for forgiveness and I forgave her and asked JESUS to put love in my heart for her. Later she told me that GOD had told her to ask for forgiveness from me.

Soon after we became close to the extent that when she was getting married she requested that I speak on her behalf.

The answer to every suffering woman is that GOD made me so broken about my sins that the question of other people’s sins or my husband’s sins did not matter. JESUS CHRIST became all in all as I began to seek Him and worship Him daily.

Believe in Jesus, adhere to His commandments, rely on Him and He will lift you up. God says, ‘Watch and pray so that we do not fall’.

Everything we do is by His Grace and for His Glory.

~ Luisa Christie (Shanti)

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