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General Disclaimer

Every counsel given to you is not a command. It is advice. No one will nor can force you to do it. It is entirely up to you whether you want to follow the counsel given or not. This is not to be construed as legal, medical, or financial advice. You have to take responsibility for your own decisions and consequences following from them. This whole website and counsel is based on people’s experiences in completely believing the word of God in their hearts and obeying the Word of God / Jesus Christ from the Holy Bible. Only God can know whether you completely believe or not and obey or not. Therefore the results can only depend on you and how you respond to Jesus Christ. Any other advice given regarding food, supplements, finances, exercise, etc. are based on people’s experiences and may or may not work for you because there are so many variable factors which the counselors may or may not know – so you have to make the decisions by being led by the Holy Spirit.

God has given each one of us a will. The scripture says that “everything that is not done in faith, is sin” (Rom 14:23). You are free to choose any form of treatment you wish. By law, we cannot tell you what treatments (whether medical conventional, alternative treatment etc) to take or not to take – it is entirely up to you at any point in time.

Medical Disclaimer

When using this website you undertake the following:

  1. You understand and agree that we are not giving any medical advice.
  2. You must seek medical advice from medical doctors and other professionals.
  3. Any healing mentioned in this website is because we believe JESUS CHRIST healed them.
  4. We only give spiritual advice from the Bible.
  5. You take responsibility for your own health.

You agree and accept that you will not hold us liable or responsible for anything that happens to you due to reading information from this website or any other counsel given to you.

You understand and accept and agree that you are only permitted to use the information and advice and counsel given in this website or by any servant of JESUS CHRIST here because you have agreed to not hold anyone related to this website responsible or accountable or liable for any information or advice.

Anyone not agreeing to the above is not permitted to use this website or any information from this website or any counsel from the servants in this website.

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