• This is Life or Death for you. Choose Life.

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    Praise JESUS CHRIST.

    All young women listen carefully. Very, very carefully. This is the problem that all of us face. Now the heart is deceitful above all things. This is GOD’s WORD. GOD’s WORD is JESUS CHRIST.

    JESUS CHRIST is saying, “The heart deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. Who can know it?”

    I won’t know what my heart is doing. How wicked and how deceitful it is. My heart is lying to me and I won’t know.

    And this is the problem that many women, all over the world are facing this, because they follow their heart.

    Oh! my heart is like this. Oh! I love this boy and then they die. Some even are killed off. They say I love this boy and they don’t listen. They don’t want to see whether the boy is in CHRIST. Whether the boy fears GOD or not. Whether he obeys JESUS or not. Whether the boy fears GOD, no fear of GOD.

    First, the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. When the devil came to steal, kill and destroy means, he steals your peace, steals your livelihood, your job, your income, your happiness all these the devil steals. Why? We follow our heart.

    It happened to me also. I followed my heart and suffered. Don’t follow your heart, follow JESUS CHRIST.

    Now you look at all the women around your house. Where you’re staying and all. All the people, you see the women in trouble. Whether older women, younger women. All you see, all are in trouble.

    All are in trouble, right. You think you are cleverer than them? You can say, no it won’t happen to me. I will do.

    They are all in trouble because they didn’t follow JESUS.

    I was in trouble because I didn’t follow JESUS CHRIST and His commandments. I didn’t obey JESUS.

    But your heart will tell you, no, no, you are different. You will be okay. This boy is the best for me. That boy, may be doing all kind of wrongs, he may be violent, he’ll be smoking or showing off by ramming his motorbike. Oh so fantastic and you got thrilled. Oh, he looks very good, very handsome, but inside him, all rotting. Inside his heart all rotten already, because he doesn’t fear GOD.

    When you don’t fear GOD, the heart becomes rotten. And when you fear GOD, you obey JESUS CHRIST, you won’t obey your heart.

    Now I’m telling all of you. Many of you come from difficult backgrounds. It’s alright. The past –* “old things are passed away, all things become new.”*

    But you have to obey, to receive. Don’t obey nothing happens. The devil will steal from you more. I’m laughing, why? People won’t listen, some of them.

    So you want to listen or not, you young girls? I want each of you girls, to declare, “I obey JESUS CHRIST, I won’t obey my heart. I obey JESUS CHRIST because my heart is wicked. I obey JESUS CHRIST because my heart is deceitful.” Please pray like that.

    I’ll obey JESUS CHRIST I will not obey my heart. My heart is deceitful. Tell, Jeremiah 17:9 says “the heart is deceitful above all things, desperately wicked.”

    I won’t know how wicked my heart is. But You know, Lord JESUS. Make me a child, Lord. I want to be your child. I want to obey You. If I love You Lord, I obey You. I show I love You by obeying You. I show You Lord JESUS that I love you, by obeying You.*

    JESUS said, “if you love Me, show it by obeying Me, and then I will keep blessing you.” Not by your heart. No more.

    Are you all understanding this? This is the Truth.

    Churches don’t know, maybe don’t know. Maybe they talk, maybe they don’t talk. I don’t know.

    But I’m telling you this is the WORD OF GOD. I’m showing from the WORD OF GOD.

    And also it happened to me already earlier. I followed my heart and became the value of a crust of bread. That means, value – finished. Everything gone, health also gone, dying finally. JESUS came and saved me.

    So I’m telling you the same thing. I’ve been telling this for 20 over years, for everybody. Those children who listened, those young people who listened, those women or men, older men who listened, they prospered.

    Those who didn’t listen, wow! they were having some kind of happiness in the world. But all kinds of no peace, quarrel will be going on.

    Please pray properly. Thank JESUS.

    Your life starts new already in CHRIST. Don’t lose it.

    GOD Loves you. JESUS CHRIST Loves you. HOLY SPIRIT Loves you. I love you. But we cannot do anything, unless you obey JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.

    And all the people in the congregation, this congregation, I’m talking about Adonay YHWH congregation. All of them love you. All the groups, all this young people in this group love you. That’s why they care for you. Every one of them do, because they have been trained like that. They have been trained by JESUS CHRIST. They have been trained by the WORD of GOD. They love you, they care for you. But they cannot do anything for you unless you’re willing to obey JESUS CHRIST.

    So now understand this marvellous WORD, powerful WORD of JESUS CHRIST in Jeremiah 17:9. It’s a warning. It’s a good warning. It’s the Good News. 

    Now we know our heart. Our heart causes all these problems. Oh the devil will now talk to your heart. Heh! then you think you are thinking. You think you are feeling. The devil putting all those feelings inside you, is going to destroy you.

    Stop these feelings. Obey. It’s not feeling, it’s obedience. And then prosperity comes. And you will prosper and be joyful.

    Amen in JESUS’ Name.


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