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Get Coaching here to walk as An Ambassador of JESUS CHRIST.
Wherever possible, you will be accompanied by an Experienced Ambassador (EA) of JESUS CHRIST to proclaim JESUS CHRIST and coach you to pray for the new souls you want to minister to, in your area.

OTHER COUNTRIES and outside Kuala Lumpur

If an EA is unable to accompany you, or if you are located in another Country or Town outside Selangor, you WILL be GUIDED in REAL TIME through phone, and when able, the EA can even talk directly to the new soul via your phone on speaker.

By The Mercy and Grace of JESUS CHRIST

We will assist you in Every Way we are able,
in your journey as an Ambassador of JESUS CHRIST

Click here and it will take you to Chapter 26 for training.

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If you need any help or information please do not hesitate to contact anyone in our Directory Listing or using the simple contact form. Note : Girls will be helped by girls and married women will be helped by married women through the power of JESUS CHRIST.
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