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    Praise JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, brothers and sisters. Praise JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH.

    As I said, always said “Mercies are new every morning for those who love God.”Those of us who want to love JESUS CHRIST with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, JESUS will give us the mercy every morning. We can get up every morning. Although whole day we’re in problems last night or day before or whatever.

    This morning we get up want peace in our souls. The problem maybe around us, but we want peace. In that peace, we can solve the issues one by one or God will solve it where we can’t solve. We cry out to HIM. But first we must have peace and joy. And this can only come from the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is Righteousness, Peace and Joy. And so, we will ask God, “Almighty Father in the name of JESUS CHRIST, I ask in JESUS CHRIST Name. Lord, I need to have peace and joy. Righteousness comes from you, Lord. I’m merely a man. I need help, LORD JESUS.

    Today, in the Power of Christ Daily segment, I’m led to speak on the BREATH OF GOD. This has been under used or even not used by many people but the Breath of God is very powerful. The Breath of God is scriptural. The Breath of God does a lot of things for us. I’ve seen in 20 years I’m ministering. I’ve seen so many people seriously helped by CHRIST because they took in the Breath of God. This is not air. Now God how do we know all this?

    In Matthew 21:22 JESUS words say “If you believe, you will get anything you ask for in prayer.” We ask for in prayer, we humble our self and ask, the first rule in Christ is, we want a humble heart, a humble heart. A humble heart and we want to help others. We want to love our neighbor as our self. We want to love all, actually. Therefore, today, as we talk about this, receive a humble heart to help others, to care for others, while we have issues. But JESUS will give us power to care for others.

    Breath of God Gives Life Job 33:4

    Now in Job 33:4, HE says “The Spirit of God made me and the Breath of the Almighty has given me life.” And in 2Thessalonian 2:8, He says “And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.”, that means the demonic forces are all destroyed by the breath of JESUS CHRIST. The demonic forces will flee. I’ve seen this. People are set free, all bondages are set free, when people begin to breathe in the Breath of God, and they are set free. They feel free and many of them are not the same again after that. They are more relaxed, more peace, they get joy. In Ezekiel 37:5, HE says “I will put (GOD will put) breath in you and you will come back to life.” HE give a new life, a new life. And in Job 32:8 HE says, “..the breath of the Almighty has given them understanding.” You will have greater understanding. Given them understanding that wisdom from God, the breath of the Almighty.

    Therefore, today, we want to do this in JESUS CHRIST Name and those of you have anything whether it is fear, confusion, tiredness, anger, frustration, disappointment. Anything that comes immediately, begin to call on the Blood of JESUS CHRIST. Simply have to say, you don’t need so many prayers. You just say, “BLOOD OF JESUS, BLOOD OF JESUS, BLOOD OF JESUS” Powerful precious Blood of JESUS CHRIST will set you free. Will make you feel calm again. The Blood of JESUS. The evil forces, spirit of anger, spirit of fear, confusion all will begin to leave because the Blood of JESUS. This Blood of JESUS will destroy them.

    Now, the Breath of God. All you have to do is, wherever you are, if you feel ashamed because of some people around you, you move away. In the restaurant, in the office, in your bed, while you’re cooking, it doesn’t matter, because JESUS is in you through the Holy Spirit and all you have to do is “In the name of JESUS CHRIST, LORD JESUS, I receive your breath. The breath of the Living God” In fact, I’m going to pray and as I pray, you begin to hear the prayer and begin to breathe deep. If you don’t have this recording, doesn’t matter. You just have to say this :-“In the Name of JESUS CHRIST, I receive the breath. It is not air, Lord JESUS. In faith, I’m receiving the breath of God, the breath of the Almighty God, the breath of JESUS CHRIST, the breath that gives me life. The breath that gives me new life. The breath that gives me understanding. The breath that sets me free from all bondages. It is not a breathing exercise and all that. So therefore, now I pray, you receive it. You must breathe deep and exhale as much as you can. Some people who are not well, we found that their breathing is shallow because there is pain in their chest, so breathe as you can. Breathe as much as you can. There is no regime here; JESUS is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords. HE is not waiting for us to be perfect. We come with our imperfections, and HE settles us. So we’ll start.


    “In the Name of JESUS CHRIST, I ask for the breath of God to come deep into this soul, deep into this believer, Lord. Deep Lord, clear everything that is not of CHRIST inside, inside this soul. Inside the body. O, breathe, breathe, sister, brother. Breathe, breathe. Breathe the breath of the Living God. Breathe in faith, it is the breath of God that is coming in, breathe deep and exhale. Breathe deep and exhale. In JESUS CHRIST Name, ask for the breath of God to clear everything that is not of CHRIST to be destroyed. Every deposit, everything that has claimed thoughts and believes and false believes, all that have been destroyed. New understanding, godly wisdom to come in, now. Breathe again, continue breathing brothers and sisters. Continue breathing as deep as possible. Exhaling and deep as possible. Breathe in, breathe in, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, the breath of God that destroys evil. The breath of God that gives understanding. The breath of God that gives new life. New life for this brother. New life for this sister. I ask in JESUS CHRIST NAME. AMEN.”

    Now as you see, there will be a release, brothers and sisters in this faith. And if you not enough, do it again. Ask for JESUS, HE freely gives. HE loves you! JESUS CHRIST loves you that is why HE suffered like that. From yesterday message, we know, His Heart physically broke and that is why the blood collected in His abdomen. HE LOVES US! Let’s not lose this. Let’s not waste this LOVE!

    Receive the love of JESUS CHRIST and know there’s eternity for you. Know there’s eternity for you and your household, if you pray. Believe that you and your household will be saved by JESUS CHRIST and given you new understanding. JESUS CHRIST is the only One who died and rose again. HE is the One who said “Come unto ME and I shall give you rest. Take MY yoke upon you for MY burden is light. My yoke is easy, MY burden is light and I’m humble in heart.” JESUS is saying that I’m humble in heart. I’m humble in heart and you’ll find rest.

    Let’s have humbleness in heart today, as you go about today. Today, is a Sunday, as we go about doing whatever you do, whichever, whatever your activities are. Let’s love others! Love all! And we meet people, let’s say they have annoyed you in the past, forgive them. In the name of JESUS CHRIST, when you breathe in the breath of God, brothers and sisters, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, you also say, I command every spirit of unforgiveness to get out of me and I receive complete love, I receive complete love of CHRIST. And when I go, Lord, people must see that love in me, Lord JESUS. People must see the love in me. I want the love from YOU and I receive it and I release it, Lord JESUS. And today, I release the love of JESUS to all, to ALL. I will love you all, because JESUS CHRIST has enabled me to love everyone.

    In JESUS name I pray. Amen.


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